Magic on the Mountainside

Magic on the Mountainside

Book by Nancy Godbout Jurka, Illustrated by Michelle Rich Williams

A Charming Tale From Local History

Every holiday season in the small town of Palmer Lake, townspeople and children look forward eagerly to the annual Magic on the Mountainside – the lighting of the Palmer Lake Star. But this year, as two children, Charlotte and Henry, also wait by the frozen lake, nothing happens!

Why You’ll Want To Own It:

The story is told in dyslexia friendly font
Classically-styled illustrations underscore the traditions of the holiday season

A tale based on a real and historic story
Book includes factual information in the appendix

You’ll learn the extraordinary story of Dizzy, who helped to build the Palmer Lake Star
The appendix includes a photo of Dizzy’s real life family from the 30s.

A compelling story kids will request nightly and read for a lifetime Beautifully produced with sewn binding to lay flat when reading

Nancy Jurka

Author Nancy Jurka loves the history of Palmer Lake’s wonderful hillside star, the largest one in the world. She is an award-winning poet and author whose work often celebrates the natural beauty and history of Colorado. Magic on the Mountainside is Nancy’s first work of fiction, created for children to learn to appreciate the beauty and importance of light.

Readers’ Favorite

“ This heartwarming tale combines vibrant storytelling with stunning visuals, offering readers of all ages an opportunity to rediscover the wonder and spirit of the Palmer Lake Star.

Michelle Williams’ vivid illustrations seamlessly complement Nancy Godbout Jurka’s simple yet evocative sentences, conjuring up a sense of warmth and vivid imagery in the young reader’s mind.”

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