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We often get asked the same questions by different customers, so we thought putting it all together on our site for all to access would be helpful:

Q: Where do I start? I have a name for my company in mind, but now what!!?

A: OK, first thing is to make sure it is available as a website, for eg. www.thenameyouwant.com
You then need to register it as soon as possible, so that you know you can use it. Nothing worse than having a great name, a logo etc. and then the website name isn’t available! You secure it by registering the Domain Name at a registrar, like:


Do not pay more than about $10 a YEAR to register the name.

Q: I have the website name registered. Now what?

A: Now you need to have a host for your site. The store your pages on their servers for you which makes your website available to the public. They vary in price according to what they offer you. You need to make sure they offer what you need.
You can pay something between $4.95 – $49.95 a month on a host. We offer 2 hosting plans – Basic Hosting and Semi-Dedicated…ask for details.

Q: I need a shopping cart. What are the options you have dealt with in the past?

A: There is WooCommerce that works with WordPress
Samples of sites using this: 

Q: I want a gallery that I can load pictures to myself. Any suggestions?

A: There is a gallery that can be added called NextGen Gallery 
Here is an example of this gallery:

Q: I need my website hosted. How do I do that?

A: I can host your website for you. Contact me for rates for:
-Transfer of Current site and databases
-Dedicated Server
-Basic Hosting